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12 Years Old

12 Years Old

Elegant and approachable. Matured in American oak ex-bourbon casks, bringing elegant complexity and warmth. 

"In the fine balance of fruit, spice and sweetness, Balblair 12-Year-Old encapsulates the gentle charisma of the Highlands.

Elegant and approachable this is the defining expression of Balblair Distillery, one to which all the others refer. In a way, all Balblair journeys start here" John MacDonald, Distillery Manager.

Colour: Polished gold

Aroma: Elegant bright lemon peel layered with creamy vanilla and crisp green apples.

Palate: Ground spices and dried orange slices enveloped in intense set honey sweetness.

Finish: Creamy and leathery with notes of sweet vanilla.

Tasting notes: Citrus, Vanilla, Spices and Apple.


£45.00 GBP

15 Years Old

15 Years Old

Round and velvety. Matured initially in American oak ex-bourbon casks, followed by the rich influence of first-fill Spanish oak butts.

"Tropical and mature, with the texture of melted chocolate and one of the finest finishes a single malt can bring, this stunning Balblair calls for quiet admiration. Round and velvety, yet developed and fresh. Smoothed over time but with a beating heart of the Highlands" John McDonald, Distillery Manager

Colour: Bright Amber

Aroma: Leatherwood honey and spicy gingerbread followed by juicy prunes and fresh lemon peel.

Palate: Velvety in texture, bursting with dark chocolate tropical fruit and spices.

Finish: Long and mellow with notes of creamy vanilla and citrus.

Tasting Notes: Tropical, Chocolate, Spices and Honey.

£75.00 GBP

18 Years Old

18 Years Old

Perfectly balanced. Matured initially in American oak ex-bourbon casks, followed by first fill Spanish oak butts adding depth and charisma.

"This late-night expression is rich and autumnal, developed and amplified to unexpected heights, while staying perfectly balanced and closely tied to the bright and fruity character of the Distillery. This generous expression of Balblair is a masterclass in traditional distilling and the most patient, skilled ageing." John McDonald, Distillery Manager.

Colour: Oiled Cedar

Aroma: Rich toffee and baked pears shine bright against an elegant backdrop of new leather palate: A masterful balance of juicy apricots,  seasoned oak and vanilla custard.

Finish: Long and warming with chords of fresh spices and raisins.

Tasting notes: Toffee, pear, leather and dried fruit.

£120.00 GBP